Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Lexii here.

I will admit, I'm not the greatest blogger, I'm still only 14. But I don't want everyone to keep thinking that I'm going to post when I know I'm not. So, I basically don't use this blog. I use blogger, just not this blog. I still use Youtube and Flickr, though! (AGlovejess on Youtube, currently "swiftly", on flickr).

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Break and where did everyone go?

Hello, all! It's Gwen here today. It's Friday and this past week has been the lovely spring break! I got to lay out by the pool, go swimming, hang out with friends, and have bonfires! It feels just like summer :( (Sad face because summer isn't here yet)

Aaah, summer. I really, really want to visit the AGP in the summer. I've been kinda hoping for new clothes, or perhaps, a sister! :O However, there are so many beautiful dolls these days, we'd never know which one to get! But I have a good eye :)

Also, just curious, where did everyone go? I come on blogger everyday now to read blog posts, but hardly anyone is posting! Oh well. I hope no one is fading from their dolls... Although, it happens often.. But I'm sure people are just busy! Anywho, I just wanted to bring back the spring-y, summer, fun, American Girl Doll vibe back today! :) We could all use some nice pictures and small talk about summer, right? :)

Well, I'm going to go have lunch now! Jess is making macaroni ^_^ Mmm!


p.s. Doesn't Jordin look gorgeous? She HAS to be a model! :) Well, she sorta already is in our house ^_^ Please leave your feedback! Come on guys, don't give up on your dolls just yet :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A boring sunday can always lead to jollification and good food.

Hello, all! It is Jess, with you today!

We all know Sundays. Hmm... ehh. I'm not too fond of them. Why? Well, what is there to do on a Sunday? You know how it goes. You wake up late from sleeping in, (or go to church early... if you go to church), then you eat, then you sit in your pajamas. You either go on the internet or watch tv. And the whole day feels unaccomplished. Then at night you do some homework, take a shower, read, or go to bed. Sunday is a lazy day in my world.

Today I woke up at 2:30 in the afternoon. (Exhibit A: lazy) I sat in my room while Ruthie and Gwen played dolls. Samantha was out for brunch, and Jordin... well... who knows. Lanie wasn't here, so I truly had nothing to do. I started missing summer, and the days where Sunday was like a Friday, or any other day. Summer is so calm and relaxing to me, it's a feeling like no other. I mourn for summer, but the more I mourn, I have to stop. What if summer comes too quick? What if summer is over too quick? The reason is, after summer's over, Lexii will be older. After summer's over... it's just another year closer to Lexii leaving us...

Anywho, lets get positive, shall we? So I got in a nice dress and cardigan, did my hair, and took a hike. (Hehe, literally!) My favorite place to hike is our town's trails. So I went, all by myself, and enjoyed the nature.

From a rather unclear distance, I could see a little picnic-like setup.

I walked over to it, as it was pretty abandoned. All there was, was a plate with nothing on it, a plate with a sandwich and a glass, lemonade, a book, and a placemat. Interesting... So I sat down.
I drank some of the lemonade. Why not? It was good, and, fresh :)
It was pretty nice, just sitting there. It felt so much like summer, and all I could hear was the wind, and all I could smell was nature... and... smoke.

Smoke? Why would there be smoke in the middle of the trails in high elevation like this? And all of a sudden, the bushes were moving, the smoke appeared in front of me instantly, and, and...

... why, it was Lanie! Lanie. Wha... what is Lanie doing here?

"Lanie! You scared me! What on earth are you...?"
"Haha! Oh, Jess! I'm here for the trail barbecue. Samantha told me to come after I went to brunch with her, and she said she told all of you where the barbecue would be! Anyways, I'm just getting my stuff that I left... You know, ... the stuff your sitting on?"
"Oh" I sighed.

Lanie looked as if she was going to say something to me, but just stood there. Then finally she says, "Well?"
"Well what?" I was so confused.
"Welllll, come on silly! There's food!"

I feel so dumb sometimes, you know? I followed Lanie to the barbecue where there was all kinda of food! Such as: steak, corn, carrots, vegetables, rice, lemonade, sandwhiches, and more! Lanie and I decided to sit on the bench.

This is what I love about my small little town. ^_^
"A boring sunday can always lead to jollification... and good food!" said Lanie.

A photographer was also there taking pictures of all the girls with their friends and all the delicious food. She decided to capture a photo of me and Lanie.

I'm glad I got out of the house today. I'm glad I dressed up, went hiking, and accidently found out about this barbecue which I actually was suppose to know about.

It may not be summer, but you can always live like it.

-Jess A. McConnell 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thanks and more adventures!

A still from our MV "Silver Lining" :)

Wow, okay. I really have so much to say that I can hardly say anything.

First off, the post below, could I possibly thank you anymore for the AMAZING comments you all left?!?!?
Really, reading all of those comments just... made my whole world.

Second, I'll admit, I was afraid to post on here. I was afraid that the next post I did would drag the attention away from 2009, like it meant nothing. But it means everything to me!

Third, guess who just finished making a music video? :)
I spent a couple days on it. It's not *that* great, I'm not even skilled in making MV's. But I enjoyed coming up with the storyline for it! If you want to watch it, just visit my Youtube channel and you will see it :)

Fourth, aaah! I'm kind of overwhelmed. I know I haven't posted in a month (very rude of me, I'll say), but I have been doing a LOT with my dolls! :)

I'll be sure to keep them posting!
Don't worry, the dolls love to post. ;)

Hopefully they'll post more than I do. Cause you know me, boring old Lexii.

Haha, well, look forward to many adventure posts this spring! ^.^


Sunday, February 13, 2011

I have the greatest challenge for you all♥ *Please read & spread!*

Hello, everyone! It's Jess AND Lexii here with a very important message/challenge to you all!

Jess: Hey, guys! So we want to talk about something today. I'm not sure how long it's going to get, but I do know that it's worth reading. And please comment, we want your feedback, we want your opinions, we want to know if you will accept this challenge.

Lexii: Okay, as some of you know, I started out on Youtube. I began watching videos on Youtube in September 2008, where I saw the first American Girl video ever, this one. I tried making an account then, but it didn't work, and I never tried after that. Later in March 2009, March 17th to be exact, I got bored and thought "I'm going to try it again." And I did. And that's when AGlovejess was created. What does it mean? Well, the AG part means 2 different things, actually.

The AG in "AGlovejess" stands for American Girl, and my initials. I put "lovejess" because Jess was and is my favorite doll. (Well, all my dolls are my favorite's, but Jess is first, and has a special place in my heart.) I created it because I thought it was cool, I thought it was fun. And it was. But I have a question, for those of you who have blogs and a youtube, when did you create it? 2008? 2009? 2010? 2011? Because here's why I'm asking. Today I posted this on my youtube channel. And every word comes from my heart....

"I miss the good old days...when not everyone needed expensive cameras... when people made videos for fun & they didn't have to be perfect.... when not everyone needed thousands of subscribers.... when people didn't copy your channel and act all original... when people got dolls because they fell in love with them, not to compete... when you could see a video and think "I wanna try this!" or "I want to go there!" instead of "Nice photography, what camera do you use?" .... when this whole community felt like your second family.... when it wasn't about materialism.... where did those days go?.... I say lets bring them back.
Just remember the real reason you're here, why you started all of this. Because you love your dolls, but somehow along your youtube journey, you got so caught up in everything, you forgot that.
How do I know that?
That's easy, that happened to me.
But it's not going to be like that anymore. I'm bringing 2009 back to this channel. ♥

I ask you when you joined because for those of you who joined youtube late 2009, 2010, or this year, 2011, it's hard to say this, but I don't really think you know what 2009 was like. I appreciate people on Youtube trying to spread the word (the one's who haven't been here long) , but I'd rather you just didn't copy my words. That's all. But I do believe that the new people here today and everyone should deserve to relive the 2009 year.

I wrote that because in 2009, I was 12. I couldn't do much. I wasn't experienced in photography, stop motions, singing... anything. We made videos, we watched videos, we felt in a place where we belonged. It felt good.

Now days, it feels like "I need to have good photography.", "I need to have an expensive camera.", "I need to have 2,000 subscribers", "I need this doll to be popular", and the most common that people never think they'd say, but they do, "I need to make this my life."

I got so caught up in videos, in the online world, in everything. The online world took over the dolls because your dolls couldn't tell you you were pretty, or had good videos. I felt like I needed things I didn't need. I felt like if I didn't have good videos, people wouldn't like me. So I changed.

In September 2010 (beginning of this year of school), I didn't touch my dolls, but I still found myself going on Youtube. I took my dolls outside for pictures, then through them on their beds. And it was becoming that I didn't love my dolls, I loved what I was doing with them.

Tell me, do you still play with your dolls? If you had to choose the love of your dolls or keeping your youtube, blog, and flickr, what would you choose? Most people these days say keeping their youtube. In 2009, we only cared about the dolls.

Do you remember the day you created whatever you have now? Do you remember that feeling? The feeling like, you were SO original, and SO creative, and once you got popular, you liked the idea of being popular. You lost your creativity, your originality... your love for the dolls.

Remember why you're here, everyone. I'm here because when I was 12 years old I was brushing Jess's hair and after I was done I went on the computer and typed in "American Girl Dolls."
I'm here because I LOVE my dolls, and everything they've helped me through, and all the times they've been there for me when my friend's weren't.

These dolls aren't dolls. Their something so much more real than that.
Not counting this month, but September 2010 through January this year, I only changed my dolls about once every month or two. Yep. That's right. And it's sad.

My dolls don't even have their room anymore, I took it down. My dolls aren't loved that much anymore, I stopped touching them. My dolls sometimes have dust on their face because I'm too careless to care about the things that are my life. When I did care about my dolls, when I was 12 and 13, do you want to know how things were surprisingly better? And Now days? Now days, I'm not even as nice as I use to be. I lost a lot of friends. Believe it or not, these dolls make your life better.

And tell me, did you cry at all what you've read so far? Because you remembered everything? I cried just typing this. And it's okay to cry...

But for now on, I'm changing. I'm going back to 2009 even if it is 2011. All I'm going to care about now is my dolls, and I'm going to try to remember what it was like being 10, 11, and 12. I'm going to be here, of course I will, but I won't be as materialistic. I will post things my dolls do, not me.

And now, the challenge? To not be materialistic. To relive the 2009. To change back to who you use to be. To feel the bond with your doll, or dolls.

If you read this far.... all I can say is... thank you. And please, please, comment.
Spread this post. Give out links. Make a video and put this link in it. Anything.

Lets see if we can get this whole community back to 2009, the good old days. ♥

-Lexii G.


P.S.S. And I know it said "for the people who weren't really here in 2009 can't really relate", I didn't mean it in a bad way. Because for the people who are here now, they should deserve to live the 2009 youtube life (:

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The rain goes down...

... and the sunlight comes up :)

Hello, everyone! It's Lexii! Gaah. I am so sorry I haven't posted in like 21 days. Trust me, there's nothing really exciting going on here :P But some good news is that I just finished my finals :D They honestly weren't that hard. I took 4 finals with 80 questions each, then wrote an essay, then took finals for guitar and p.e. :]

Anywho, today it rained and I was all like "Well shoot, now I can't take pictures." BUT the good thing about living in CA is that rain doesn't last all day (;
(Just kidding, it can last up to 2 weeks. But today it didn't! :D)

Enjoy! And I have some pictures on my Flickr, and there should be a video on my youtube of them!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lanie's Birthday(:

Hey, hey! It's Lanie Savannah Holland~
today is January 9th, 2011, and it's.... MY BIRTHDAY! Our very first post was about Lexii getting me! And look it! I'm already one! Gosh, it feels like yesterday Lexii went to the Grove and picked me out :)

Anyways, there's pictures on our Flickr of me! (It's Lexii and right now I'm in a big rush so I'm doing this very fast!)

Talk to you soon everyone~