Sunday, January 30, 2011

The rain goes down...

... and the sunlight comes up :)

Hello, everyone! It's Lexii! Gaah. I am so sorry I haven't posted in like 21 days. Trust me, there's nothing really exciting going on here :P But some good news is that I just finished my finals :D They honestly weren't that hard. I took 4 finals with 80 questions each, then wrote an essay, then took finals for guitar and p.e. :]

Anywho, today it rained and I was all like "Well shoot, now I can't take pictures." BUT the good thing about living in CA is that rain doesn't last all day (;
(Just kidding, it can last up to 2 weeks. But today it didn't! :D)

Enjoy! And I have some pictures on my Flickr, and there should be a video on my youtube of them!

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Just Becki said...

AHHH! You are aglovejess! I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! Wow, what beautiful photography and how did you keep Gwen so beautiful in this photoshoot.She is lovely.