Saturday, November 13, 2010

And the grades are....


Algebra 1: B+
Life Science: B
Guitar: A
Physical Ed: A
English: A-
French 1: A+

My first HS report card of grades, and I did great! :D

I am so happy! And my mom said I might just get some money from it ^.^
No C's. That's new! :O 

But I'm very, very proud of myself. And I know you might say "How do you get a B+ in Algebra 1? It's so easy!" Well, I'm not that talented at math :P Yes. I had to repeat it. I was 4 away from passing the Geometry placement test last year.... Oh well. Lots of people are re-taking it, I guess....

Anywho! Just thought I'd share that! :)


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 10th, 2010 is... Jess's Birthday!!!

Hello! Hello! Hello! :D
It's me, Jess! And if you read the title.... you'd know...
Today is MY birthday! :D I'm 14 (well, in doll years I am) and in regular years, I am 4 ^^
I can't believe it! 4 years! :O

Well, it feels great! In honor of today, Lexii took me out for a photoshoot, and oh yes, I posed. ^.^
For my birthday, I didn't want anything. Everything I could possibly ever want or need is right here(:

(However, Lexii said I will be getting a late birthday present soon, once she gathers up all the money.) :)

For now, here's my favorite picture from the photoshoot.
You like? :)
Anywho, you can view the whole photoshoot if you click HERE.

For now, I'm gonna go have some hot chocolate!
Bye, guys!

p.s. Thanks for 50 followers!!!