Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Hello! It's Jess! If you read our last post, you'd know our camera is BROKEN! :(

But just because our camera is broken, doesn't mean we can't wish you a...

Happy Earth Day! :)

I, Jess, love the Earth! Planet Earth is my best friend! I love all nature, and I love exploring the world! (As you can tell, I am an adventurous doll). :)

We're going to show you some Earth-friendly photo's! They were taken a while ago, but their still Earth-friendly!

Enjoy! :)

Adventure Forever,


Monday, April 19, 2010

Horrible, Great, and Good News!

Okay guys, this is Lexii right now.

According to the title, you know that there is horrible, great, and good news.

Horrible News:
Well, I was actually going to do a post Saturday, but I felt like I could post Sunday.
Then, yesterday I was taking some pictures outside.
My camera has a safety hand strap on it, but I didn't put it around my hand when I was taking my pictures.
When I went to take a picture of my kitty (he's really frisky and likes to play), he grabbed the hand strap, pulled the camera down, and it just completely planted on the ground.
Now... my camera is BROKEN :(

I can't get the pictures on my computer because I don't have a slot for my memory card in my computer. My memory card is at a camera shop right now, but I'll get it tomorrow. I'll put the card in my mom's camera (ours are both Kodak's), and upload them to the computer. I don't feel like paying $45 to get my camera fixed when it's almost 4 years old and worn out.

I'm also taking a photography class next year, and I'll be needing a new camera, so....
I'm getting a new camera as an early birthday present! :D (My birthday's in the summer, though. Oh well :P)
I'm not sure what camera, and I'm not sure when, but that's the great news!

Good news is, I promised myself if I ever got a professional camera (I don't really know what to call it :P), I would refuse to use OneTrueMedia. It's a free site I make my youtube videos on. It always makes my pictures blurry, and extremely low quality. I would never want to get a good camera, take nice pictures, and still have them look awful. That's the opposite of what I want.

I have a Mac, but I got it a long time ago, so it doesn't have iMovie. I asked my mom, and she said maybe we could download it! So, that's the good news! (No more low quality pictures, whoo!)

Sorry this was long! Won't be posting many pictures for a while. If you read this far, please reward yourself by looking at some different pictures I took a while ago! :)
(Hopefully they won't be low quality) ;)

Valentine's Day! :)

In the backyard

Shoe-Tree Adventure

Easter! Lulu in a flower pot

Sunlight picture from a stop motion :)

Samantha by the pool

Lanie. I call this one "The Dark Flower" ;)

Lanie in her "Butterfly" sanctuary

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Would you look at that, there were NO pictures of Jess! Hmm. It must be "Jess's Adventure Blog, Jess-Free Day"... Well that's not nice... hehe ;)

Hoped you liked the colors! :)

-Lexii :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Banana Smoothies!

Let's have some Banana Smoothies!

Hi! This is Samantha! It's my first time blogging on "Jess's Adventure Blog", and I'm really excited.

Today, Lexii made Lanie and I some Banana Smoothies! Mmm! We have a good amount of pictures today, so we hope you enjoy them! :)

Yay! Banana Smoothies! If your wondering,
there is actual Banana Smoothie in our cups :)

Look how big Lexii's is! :O

Smile for the camera!

Pretty Background! :)

Hehe. There's still some smoothie left!

~The End!

Adventure Forever,