Monday, March 29, 2010

It's... Lanie!

Hey, hey! Lanie here!

Wait... what?

Hmm.... usually Jess doesn't let me blog... I wonder how that happened...

Anyways, Lanie here! :D Yes, I know this is Jess's Adventure Blog, but the other day Lexii told her she has to share more, so... this is what I call sharing! :)
Anyways, I have had lots of adventures over the weekend! Many more than Jess... haha! Beat that, Jess! Just kidding... we both have small, fun, and sometimes big adventure's.
Anyways, (is that the only thing I say? Gosh, Lanie! Pull yourself together!)

Okay, now this is what I really wanted to say... Lexii took pictures of me, and I love them.
(Sorry, I'm new to blogging, I'm not sure what I'm suppose to say. I just wanted to give it a try)

Wanna see a picture... Oooh! There's SO many! Well, kind of... We're only going to show you 1, but... you can check out the rest of them in Lexii's Flickr! (On the right of the blog, by her youtube) Just go to the "Lanie" section :)

Okay, here it is

Like it? See more on Flickr! Their pretty! :) Ok, bye!

Adventure Forever,


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hey, everyone! It's Jess, and I wanted to wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day! One of the reason's I love it is because I'm half Irish! Yep! If you've ever read the book "Jess" you'd know that I am half Japanese-American, and half Irish! :)

So, today Lexii took me outside for a couple of pictures! I tried to wear as much green as I could... All I found was this ONE green shirt! Can you believe it? We only have ONE green shirt! Well, that will definitely have to change! Haha :)
(By the way, Lexii is Irish, too! She's a quarter though, I'm half! Ha! Hehe) :)

Here's some pictures! (This isn't all the pictures, we'll post a link to the video where you can see more pictures at the end of this post) :)

Gotta have my green! :)

Clover from our grass! :)

I made the sign :)
Happy St. Patrick's Day! :)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post! :)

Here's the link to the whole video:

Talk to you later! :)

Adventure Forever,


Monday, March 8, 2010


Hello there! Jess here! And we have some interesting news today! :) Well, Lexii made up a name called "Sun-Nature-Shots". Why? Because, she thinks that the photo's we are going to display look like "Sun-Nature-Shots" So... yeah :)

The first one is of Jordin. We all agree this one is the best of our Sun-Nature-Shots (probably the best picture of Jordin, too :P) As you can see, there is a glimpse of "Nature" in the background, and the sun is hitting her perfectly!

You see? But Lexii says it's a "Once in a lifetime photo"... I think she's right... :P

Ours were taken at a different time, and it was more sunnier outside. Unlike here, the sun just came out of the clouds. Here's the rest of our pictures (their smaller because their not a fancy as Jordin's :P)

Mine (which I don't care for)

As you can see, their all different. Well, I promise that for now on, I will be posting once or twice a week. :) Talk to you later!

Adventure Forever,
Jess :)