Monday, February 22, 2010

So many things are going on!

Hey there, it's Jess! Sorry I haven't posted in... a week. I've been super duper busy! So many things are going on! It's hard to post when that happens (I'm sure you know what that feels like)
Well, I'm going to tell you 5 things that have happened over the past week. They are the most likely the reason I haven't been blogging.

Here it goes:
1) There are now THREE Lanie's! One, my sister. One, my best friend's sister. One, my sisters' best friends' sister! I'll talk more about them later in time. Left to Right: Lanie, my sister. Lanie, my sisters' best friends' sister, and Delanie (Lanie for short) my best friend's sister. I know, confusing isn't it? Hehe

2) The other day, Jordin insisted that Lexii should make a movie all about her. Jordin pouted and jumped and even yelled a bit, and to all of that, Lexii simply said "No". So, Jordin is making the movie herself, but she has Samantha filming it. In this picture, I guess Jordin is suppose to be singing into the mic. If you also notice, Samantha has a camera around her neck. Jordin told Samantha that if she helped her she would get paid. What Samantha doesn't know is Jordin is a big fat liar, and she's not getting paid...

3) Gwen and Lanie are usually the "best of friends". They get along so well, they always play together, they create fashion shows together, and they are just your average 10 and 9 year-old friends. Well, the other day, Gwen couldn't decide what to wear in their "fashion show". Lanie complained that she was taking too long, and being too picky. Lanie yelled at her for those things, and right after Gwen stopped crying she said "Lanie Holland, you're not my friend anymore!" and she ran away with a few tears still falling from her chin. Now, they are in a fight. They won't even look at each other...

4) I have been so busy lately! I've been catching up on my February reading, and it's really hard to focus on that when all of this is happening! I've been working really hard on all of my work. I'm helping out with my friend's play she's in, and in order to help, I need to read it first. I'm on the curtain job, it's sort of fun...
Also, the other night I was so tired I just fell asleep doing my work. I look so tired in the second picture...

5) I'm so sorry this is getting long! I thought you might be enjoying the pictures though...

Last thing! Lexii got her hair cut! She was planning on going for a Chrissa length cut, but it turned into a Kit length cut. She doesn't mind though, all of her friends seem to like it :)

Well, that's all I guess... Oh yeah! Lexii's friend's doll has a blog now! Well, she has 2 blogs now. It's called Emmi Dean, Detective Queen, Is on the scene! It's an awesome blog! (Even though it only has 2 posts so far, hehe) Here's the link:

Sorry this was long!

Adventure Forever,
Jess :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Late Valentine's Day Post!

Me Outside!
Happy Valentine's Day! See the hearts we're holding? :)

Hey Everyone! So, yesterday was.. Valentine's Day! It's more of a "girly-girl" day to me, but I have to admit, I absolutely love it! I mean, what's not to love about free chocolate? :) Haha. Well, we went outside yesterday for a while and had a Valentine's Day Party! Lexii loves taking pictures of us outside when it's really nice out, and it was!
I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day!

Adventure Forever


Thursday, February 11, 2010

New American Girl Items!

Tall and Beautiful
Yay! New AG Outfits!
Isn't it just perfectly perfect for the rain? :)
This is going to look fabulous on me!

Hello! It's Jess! So, today Lexii showed me some awesome new American Girl Items! Some are a bit expensive, but some are reasonable prices! There's a lot of pictures today (Your being warned), but please read this before looking at the pictures! I want the Safari Dress and the Raincoat. It rains SO much here! A raincoat would be just perfect! And I think the Safari Dress would be great for me! Especially because I love going on Safari's! (I do go on Safari's, their quite enjoyable) Hehe. Okay, that's all for now. More posts coming soon! Bye!

Adventure Forever,

Jess :)

p.s. Check out Jordin's pictures, she's submitting her pictures so she can become a model! :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sleepover with Breakfast!

Aww, don't Lanie's curls look adorable? :)

Hello everyone! It is I, Jess! Hehe! Anyways, last night it was raining like crazy! I felt like it was raining inside, but I could tell it wasn't because I was dry. So, even though Lanie is my sister, we had a sleepover! (Over by my bed) Sadly, there are no pictures of us from last night. Lexii says that when she takes pictures at night, they turn out awful and fuzzy! She says whenever the sun's out, they turn out good. Well, this morning me and Lanie had some pancakes for breakfast! I ate mine down in about 3 minutes! Lanie took longer, she was playing with her fork. Haha! Anyways, here's a picture of us at the breakfast table! Talk to you soon!

Adventure Forever,

Jess☆ :)