Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lanie's Birthday(:

Hey, hey! It's Lanie Savannah Holland~
today is January 9th, 2011, and it's.... MY BIRTHDAY! Our very first post was about Lexii getting me! And look it! I'm already one! Gosh, it feels like yesterday Lexii went to the Grove and picked me out :)

Anyways, there's pictures on our Flickr of me! (It's Lexii and right now I'm in a big rush so I'm doing this very fast!)

Talk to you soon everyone~



cassie said...

I hate to bother you but I just love your pictures! Two questions,
1. What's your camera?
2. How do you get Lanie's hair so perfect? I have her and I try to make it nice but it never looks as nice as that! THAT'S, perfection!!

Lexii said...

My camera is a Kodak EasyShare Z981.
And I made a video of how I manage Lanie's hair. Just copy and paste this link.

Brooke said...

I agree with Cassie! Yuor pictures are soo pretty, and Lanie's hair is GORGEOUS!