Sunday, February 13, 2011

I have the greatest challenge for you all♥ *Please read & spread!*

Hello, everyone! It's Jess AND Lexii here with a very important message/challenge to you all!

Jess: Hey, guys! So we want to talk about something today. I'm not sure how long it's going to get, but I do know that it's worth reading. And please comment, we want your feedback, we want your opinions, we want to know if you will accept this challenge.

Lexii: Okay, as some of you know, I started out on Youtube. I began watching videos on Youtube in September 2008, where I saw the first American Girl video ever, this one. I tried making an account then, but it didn't work, and I never tried after that. Later in March 2009, March 17th to be exact, I got bored and thought "I'm going to try it again." And I did. And that's when AGlovejess was created. What does it mean? Well, the AG part means 2 different things, actually.

The AG in "AGlovejess" stands for American Girl, and my initials. I put "lovejess" because Jess was and is my favorite doll. (Well, all my dolls are my favorite's, but Jess is first, and has a special place in my heart.) I created it because I thought it was cool, I thought it was fun. And it was. But I have a question, for those of you who have blogs and a youtube, when did you create it? 2008? 2009? 2010? 2011? Because here's why I'm asking. Today I posted this on my youtube channel. And every word comes from my heart....

"I miss the good old days...when not everyone needed expensive cameras... when people made videos for fun & they didn't have to be perfect.... when not everyone needed thousands of subscribers.... when people didn't copy your channel and act all original... when people got dolls because they fell in love with them, not to compete... when you could see a video and think "I wanna try this!" or "I want to go there!" instead of "Nice photography, what camera do you use?" .... when this whole community felt like your second family.... when it wasn't about materialism.... where did those days go?.... I say lets bring them back.
Just remember the real reason you're here, why you started all of this. Because you love your dolls, but somehow along your youtube journey, you got so caught up in everything, you forgot that.
How do I know that?
That's easy, that happened to me.
But it's not going to be like that anymore. I'm bringing 2009 back to this channel. ♥

I ask you when you joined because for those of you who joined youtube late 2009, 2010, or this year, 2011, it's hard to say this, but I don't really think you know what 2009 was like. I appreciate people on Youtube trying to spread the word (the one's who haven't been here long) , but I'd rather you just didn't copy my words. That's all. But I do believe that the new people here today and everyone should deserve to relive the 2009 year.

I wrote that because in 2009, I was 12. I couldn't do much. I wasn't experienced in photography, stop motions, singing... anything. We made videos, we watched videos, we felt in a place where we belonged. It felt good.

Now days, it feels like "I need to have good photography.", "I need to have an expensive camera.", "I need to have 2,000 subscribers", "I need this doll to be popular", and the most common that people never think they'd say, but they do, "I need to make this my life."

I got so caught up in videos, in the online world, in everything. The online world took over the dolls because your dolls couldn't tell you you were pretty, or had good videos. I felt like I needed things I didn't need. I felt like if I didn't have good videos, people wouldn't like me. So I changed.

In September 2010 (beginning of this year of school), I didn't touch my dolls, but I still found myself going on Youtube. I took my dolls outside for pictures, then through them on their beds. And it was becoming that I didn't love my dolls, I loved what I was doing with them.

Tell me, do you still play with your dolls? If you had to choose the love of your dolls or keeping your youtube, blog, and flickr, what would you choose? Most people these days say keeping their youtube. In 2009, we only cared about the dolls.

Do you remember the day you created whatever you have now? Do you remember that feeling? The feeling like, you were SO original, and SO creative, and once you got popular, you liked the idea of being popular. You lost your creativity, your originality... your love for the dolls.

Remember why you're here, everyone. I'm here because when I was 12 years old I was brushing Jess's hair and after I was done I went on the computer and typed in "American Girl Dolls."
I'm here because I LOVE my dolls, and everything they've helped me through, and all the times they've been there for me when my friend's weren't.

These dolls aren't dolls. Their something so much more real than that.
Not counting this month, but September 2010 through January this year, I only changed my dolls about once every month or two. Yep. That's right. And it's sad.

My dolls don't even have their room anymore, I took it down. My dolls aren't loved that much anymore, I stopped touching them. My dolls sometimes have dust on their face because I'm too careless to care about the things that are my life. When I did care about my dolls, when I was 12 and 13, do you want to know how things were surprisingly better? And Now days? Now days, I'm not even as nice as I use to be. I lost a lot of friends. Believe it or not, these dolls make your life better.

And tell me, did you cry at all what you've read so far? Because you remembered everything? I cried just typing this. And it's okay to cry...

But for now on, I'm changing. I'm going back to 2009 even if it is 2011. All I'm going to care about now is my dolls, and I'm going to try to remember what it was like being 10, 11, and 12. I'm going to be here, of course I will, but I won't be as materialistic. I will post things my dolls do, not me.

And now, the challenge? To not be materialistic. To relive the 2009. To change back to who you use to be. To feel the bond with your doll, or dolls.

If you read this far.... all I can say is... thank you. And please, please, comment.
Spread this post. Give out links. Make a video and put this link in it. Anything.

Lets see if we can get this whole community back to 2009, the good old days. ♥

-Lexii G.


P.S.S. And I know it said "for the people who weren't really here in 2009 can't really relate", I didn't mean it in a bad way. Because for the people who are here now, they should deserve to live the 2009 youtube life (:


Lanie Holland said...

This made me think! All I do is take my dolls outside to take a few photos, then I put them back. I never just do their hair for the heck of it anymore, I do it so people aren't seeing the same hairstlye twice or the same outfit twice in my photos. I go on Youtube, Flickr, and Formspring for HOURS and HOURS at a time, but I barely ever touch my dolls. Guess what? All seven of my dolls are laying on the cement basement floor right now. I took down their room because I was embarassed about it. I'm going to be re-thinking some things in the next few days. Thanks Lexii. :)

Lexii said...

Well Katie Bieber, you are quite, quite welcome♥

Lanie Marie Holland said...

Hmmmm.... what do I say to this?
I say that you are such an amazing, inspirational girl, Lexi. I'd love to have you as a friend. I know that I wasn't here in 2009, but I sort of can relate, in my own way, when I first joined Flickr and learned about AG dolls, I was excited to meet other girls who liked dolls just as much as I do. But now, It's just turned into a competition of who got a Rebel or a DSLR and who got Bokeh, and who had the better photography. It was horrible. I don't want to do things for bragging rights, I want to do them for fun.
[Y'know, I don't really want that T2i anymore... :)]


Lexii said...

thank you♥

I think whether you were here or not for 2009,
we can all bring it back (:

Phaedra said...

you know what your right i got my first two dolls when i was only 5 in 2004 i only had my sisters dolls at first but when i got my own ag doll it was that best feeling in the world i felt so happy and to this day i still play with them and do there hair but i some times only play with them in videos and then put them back up on the shelf and live them there... and now i well not just do there hair for the videos or just play with them in the videos they well be come my full time life again. thank you so much for really making me think about those old day of when i use to just sit there and play pretend with them =) it really made my day.

Aleia said...

I remember when I first searched American Girl Dolls in the youtube search box. I was only 9 years old (it was 2009)and I was so amazed by all the people who made those marvelous videos and had those beautiful dolls. I was surprised. I just got a youtube in September of 2010, but I have been watching peoples' videos since 2009 and I remember barely anyone had fancyexpensive cameras and girls only had one or two dolls. The videos were about the love for dolls. Things are different now and I'm glad people do realize that... Thank you for pointing this out.
I want things to go back to the way they were when I was only 9 years old. When I didn't have a youtube, but watched AG videos everyday.


Ali said...

Sorry Lexii, I keep spamming all your thoughts on this, but I'm so lucky I joined in mid 2008! I was here when nobody else was, and got to be in the little community, and I was here in 2009, when everything was so humble, and perfect. And now, I too find myself playing with my dolls left. Youtube was what rescued Jess from me abandoning her with age, and got her so many "siblings" that I love, I know I don't treat them as I should. I do find myself doing their hair on rainy days, but it should be more than that. I'm just glad I didn't get too caught up in the "whi has what" cycle, and never asked for a new camera, or got a doll just for the sake of getting her. That I wactually wanted my new doll. But still I'm no better than the rest, and I'm ready to follow you back to 2009! Wow I kinda sounded like an author there! XD

The Valdez Quintuplets said...

What a great idea!

xxalyxx said...

I almost cried! ♥♥♥
This was WONDERFUL Ali!

Lexii said...

@ Ali,
I totally agree! I mean, youtube did give me the confidence to get more dolls, but I never bought them just to have them. And even though I did get a new camera (xD) it was because the one before that broke. If it had never broken, I wouldn't be using my little point and shoot.

But I agree. Lets spread the word.
Lets get 2009 back.

Valerie said...

Wow, that is so true...I was here in 2009 2, ur so right. Thank you for letting me realize this before I got older. I'm 12 now. So I spread the word, I gave people the link to this post for u, and wrote a thing on it as well: NOT SPAMMING! Read it....tell me if u thot it was spamming, I just wanted to help. :)

Lexii said...

@ xxalyxx,
I'm glad you liked it :)

so_daringj316 said...

this is so true, I miss it all, now i check my subs every day.... i never touch my dolls. its sad. that something so silly could get in between a girl and her doll/dolls.

Lexii said...

@ so_daringj316,
that. that is my exact point.

kathy said...

wow this is really cool i joined sometime iin june of 2010 but did not use it for AGS until august when i got annabeth i started my youtube for webkinz and realized thagt was NOT what i wanted to do i got my doll and it was so FUN to make videos!! ii actually even b4 i read this said "amazing photograph, what camera do you use" but even tho i did i changed my dolls clothes and hair every week or 2 if not every few days its fun and i love it and i love what you are trying to do!!

fpozdena said...

Good idea, Lexi!
I too, sometimes find myself checking my subs but not playing with my dolls, though youtube did help me realize that I am not the only one who plays with dolls.
I remember thinking, those girls have a lot of dolls so I need another one, too. I am never going to even think that again.
I'm really sorry I will probably never be able to meet you, but I know you would be a great friend.
Let's go back to 2009!

Malorie said...

Lexii, this was amazing to read. I've been watching your videos since forever and even though i never made any vids on youtube in 2009 I know how you feel. I lost interest in my dolls for a long time, I became a person I didnt want to be either. I was mean and I lost a lot of friends too. I miss playing with my dolls on the regular, brushing their hair and dressing them up, taking them out with me (not to the mall and stuff but you get what im saying) and not being ashamed that I still loved my dolls. I turned against my dolls and you know what, you said a lot when you said that they arent just dolls. My dolls were there when my friends and I were in a fight, they were there to listen to what i had to say, to cheer me up when i felt lonely or upset. They were there when no one else was, like ipods, they were there to comfort me. I wasnt on youtube in '09 but i sure did watch videos and I can say that the videos today are not as pure as they used to. Everyone wants an expensive camera and things, and popularity. I found myself in that place too. It is time for a change and to go back to when we were are just girls who shared one thing in common, our love for our dolls. The AG community was the only place that we could go to talk about it without getting teased that we still love our dolls. If you have read all of this, thank you! And thank you Lexii :) You are such an amazing person! People really needed this!

Sonali Beth Lynne Matthews said...

Yeah, I joined in late 2009. Oh well. :/


anneshirleyreviews said...

I really enjoyed that.

It really true ,and I definitely agree.

I put a link to it on my blog

Thank you so much for writing that post.

P.S Cute picture!


Aw, Lexxi, I got teary eyed. All the things you said, I remember them too. I started back in 2008, when nobody cared about subscribers or their popularity. Now half the comments and personal messages I recieve are people asking me to subscribe them. I really miss those days too. Just being who you were and loving what you did, including playing with your dolls. ♥
I hope we can all bring this back, I miss it so much. </3
Thanks for posting Lexxi. :)


It's me again. I just realizerd I made the same typo. Twice. LEXII. Not Lexxi. ;P Sorry haha.

Lexii said...

I am... speechless.
Thank you so much for your wonderful comments ♥
I'm really glad you could see what I was trying to say. I know that if I kept it up what I was doing, sooner or later I would've been one of those people who stops making videos with their dolls and their just there to have a youtube.

But I'm glad I stopped to type this.
And @Grace, oh, Gracie! That doesn't matter. You should be able to see how 2009 was really like anyway. :)

Skylar and Bella xoxo said...
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Skylar and Bella xoxo said...

i read this and i was touched its sad
what happens with just becoming popular and forgetting your dolls i also know how horrible this feels because I've been through this my dolls got dusty and i forgot to change them. It had been a year but one day
i finally saw my dolls and thought to myself, "what have i become? ever since then I've become a new me. It is sad what happens to those childhood toys.=*)

Charlotte said...

I got a YouTube channel in november 2009, after I got my Chrissa doll. The first people I found on youtube were AGsisters, stephenswodadancer, Webkinzrock0229, and americangirl266. The reason I wanted to join... to be friends with those people. To be able to make videos, and post what kind of things I do with my dolls, stories of things that they do, their 'life'. A couple of months ago, I almost stopped liking my dolls. And I felt really guilty. So I continued on loving them. All my dolls have pretty developed personalities, and I think of what kind of things I would do if I was like that. I 'help them make videos'. I love my dolls.
Thank you for bringing me back to reality :)

doubletorg said...

I am officially living like im 12 again in 2009

Maggie said...

WOW! that touching.

Felicity Cassie said...

I read all of this, and...I'm...well, I cannot put it into words. I have a YouTube, but I realize that now I just wanted to be "perfect." Have all the new cameras, dolls, outfits, just to be more popular. I really do love my dolls, but sometimes I don't touch them. I remember when I always used to talk to them as if they were my family or friends. It was like they were always there for me. I created my YouTube to have fun. I made some funny videos, and little shows. I thought it would bring me up. I waited and waited to reach at least 100 subs. But, it never came. I thought it was time to be more serious. Now, I get frustrated when making stopmotions. Usually I give up halfway through, and I wonder, "Where did all the fun go, the creativity?" I try to put effort in my videos and stopmotions. Sometimes, I feel discouraged and envious of those who has made so much progress. A few months ago, I even considered shutting my account down. I wanted to be popular, and to be known around the AG community. Maybe one day I will, but for right now, I'll just keep doing what I love to do: Having fun with my dolls.
And, thank you so much for writing this. I'll make sure to pass the link around. :)

Beth said...

I joined YouTube in December 2009, for one reason, and one reason only.

Because I loved dolls.

I miss the days where it was all about stopmotions, and videos, and dolls. Everyone was happy. Nobody tried to compete with another person. Nobody cared about the "Canon Rebel XS" or "Canon Rebel T1i" or whatever. Nobody CARED about photography. We loved our dolls. It's sad to think that all of this, all of what you wrote in this post, is true. I want to be like it was in 2009--where nobody got the Canon Rebel to have better photography then someone else, when everyone was just here for the dolls. Not the subscribers, the cameras, or ANYTHING but the dolls.


agbutterfly46 said...

Hey! I know you probably don't know me, but i just want to say:
I joined this summer. July 2010. I don't know what youtube was like in 2009, but it sounds a lot better than what it is now. I find myself sad sometimes, overflowed with jealousy from the girls who have the nice cameras, dolls, and most Liberty Jane Clothing. I feel how you've felt, even in six short months, I don't feel the way I did when I first got my dolls. And you are right. We need to step up, and realize we don't have to have perfect videos, we can have whatever type of video we want. We need to have fun. And whatever 2009 was like, we should bring it back. I totally agree with you, even if i haven't experianced 2009. I hope everybody catches onto this and I hope it works. Thank you for being the first one to write this and alert us of the way everyone has been acting. You're right, let's bring back 2009=)

EM said...

Your right,I bought my dolls (Even though they are not American Girl [At least I have a doll] I love them) because I loved them. The old YouTube videos inspired me to keep doing what I think is best: Play with my dolls. I don't care about how good your photography is,or if it's perfect,or what kind of effects/rooms you have! I only care if you actually love your doll. I know some people who hardly touch their dolls,but only to make a video! I miss it in 2009,when everybody enjoyed what they were doing. Not for photography,subscribers,how cool it looks but for the dolls. <3 Your right,everything is out of control.. :(


youwould26 said...

i dont think i can thank you enough, im 14 aswell, and im ashamed of my dolls i guess you can say, i love them but when friends, but not close friends come over i lock them away in my closit. but also during the week im making a mess with whatever prodject i have planned to do with them. i love my dolls i always have. when i was little i wouldnt let ANYONE play with them but my grandma, and now that i look back they were my friends when i was lonely when i had no one,and there all GREAT listeners no matter how long my story was. like the taylor swift song says "never grow up it could stay this simple" and the part where it says "i wish ineverp" i wish life was a simple as it use to be and id never grew up, back then it was "okay" to play with dolls but socity says just because your a teen your too old. well when you get an ag it doesnt say "age 8-13" it say ages 8+ and well im definitly that. my mom even asked the other day if im going to have dolls when im driving in my own car? and i told her YES!sorry for my book hahaha, you made my week :)

sararosehager said...
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Charlotte said...

This just made my year.

I remember getting my YouTube account in summer 2009. I didn't care that I only had 3 dolls or that I had a little 5-year-old point and shoot. I just wanted to make videos with the dolls I loved. I didn't care that I was terrible at stopmotions or that I got my first subscriber 3 months after I made my account. I continued to do what I loved because I, well, loved it. It seems like that once 2010 rolled around, everybody changed. It was about who had the newest doll and who had the best DSLR. I wish everyday could be like 2009. </3

basilmentos said...

I know what it feels like to live in the 2009 doll world. And I still do. Honestly, I do. Last night I spent a whole hour just holding my doll and playing with her hair. I felt pressured to make a video, but I didnt. I would choose my dolls over youtube any day, because they are truly what make me happy and they have been my friends for years. Thank you for posting this. It means something to all of us.


Lily said...

Totally! I started in early 2009 and had so much fun in that time too! I remember when you didn't 'like' a video or comment on the quality to say you appreciated it. I remember when my dolls were all that kept me happy. I remember 2009 and I would be so happy to bring it back. Not more than a week or two ago I was showing my mom the new AG catalogue and showing her how I do my Lanie's hair. I got this strange feeling that I couldn't quite grasp, and reading this helped me grasp it, it was 2009. Thanks Lexi! I still don't have very many subscribers on Youtube but but I just realized that I don't need to have thousands to be proud of what I do and I don't need to have a pro camera to be happy with a photoshoot or a video. Thanks again.

♥ Lily ♥

Just Becki said...

Lexii, I cried before I got to the part about crying. First off, you are probably thinking, " What kind of person is stalking me?" reading this comment but, I am 12 and I remeber, back in 2009 when I was 10, holding my one and only doll, Samantha, going on youtube typing in American Girl Dolls. Now, the first video I ever saw was Stephenswodadancer Me Opening Chrissa and Kendall. She wasn't popular then andd truth is, I think that's what made me watch her videos more. I watched all her videos from there. Sadly, I didn't have a youtube but sometimes used my dads. It was then Summer Vacation, maybe June or July when Sarah posted a video Haydens audition for AGLoveJess AGModelingAcademy. I then watched it and liked it so I searched AGLoveJess and the first video I found made me cry. I am not exactly sure what it was about but it was something about people being mean and she didn't want to continue with AGModelingAcademy, something like that. That made me interested so I began to follow what she did. I remember waiting impatiently for Naturally Jess to come out. I thought she deserved more recognition. I then began to get more dolls. Slowly, I got Molly and Chrissa before my mom noticed that I was getting too much to fast even though I had bothered her about getting one since I was 8 or 7. I then began watching more videos from AGClaymakers, AGQueen43,AGPhotographer, all which have amazing videos and I really love them. But then I started taking pictures of my dolls and then throwing them on my bed. It was until Christmas when I got Marisol for me to realize I miss 2009 and started using my AG's again. I now change them maybe once a week instead of once a month. I try to brush their hair once a day. I even curl it. I then saw AGLoveJess make the video and read this blog post and I thought, that's what I thought. I wish I could help but I don't have a youtube. I just recently made myself a blog since my computer finally unblocked it. I am sorry this was so long and probably really boring but I thought that maybe I could express what I think as well. I am wishing you sooooooo much luck Lexii and hope thats your 2009 wish comes true.

fa297544-3a42-11e0-a9ec-000bcdca4d7a said...

i know how you feel! same with me. im a pre teen and i only have 2 friends who actually have dolls. i dont play with my dolls unless im with my friends and even then we start talking about something different and lose track of why we were at my friends house (to play with our dolls) and its sad. i made my account in 2009 as puppylove222222 i changed it wen i actually decided to make youtube my dolls life. now im going to rethink that. im going back to 2009 thank you for blogging that.
peace love abby

Tippygirl1996 said...

Wow. That is really the first thing I thought because this is SO TRUE. I joined in April 2010, so I can't say I was an active part of the AG community then, but I watched AG videos nearly every day. When I finally got my first doll, I was making videos just because I got a great idea when I was playing with her and wanted to remember it. I am now 14 and have less than 100 subscribers (I don't know how many exactly) and it seemed like a big deal yesterday. But after reading this I realize that you're right and it's not how good our videos are, it's that we love our dolls. Although I do try to make my videos the best they can be (who wouldn't?)I only make them nice because I like them that way, not because I think whoever watches them will. I feel like my youtube doesn't show who I really am though, it shows who everyone else thinks I should be. I get comments saying "I love your backround" or "good video" but I wish people would leave comments saying simply ":)" and leave it at that. I wish I talked to other doll lovers daily about dolls and not videos or cameras. I wish things were less WHAT and more WHY. I know I kind of wrote a huge long thing, but I felt like I needed to tell about my part in this.

Marie said...

A touching post. I wish you could "like" or "favourite" posts.:) I'm totally speechless now. I've bookmarked this link on my web browser, so I can read it anytime.

It also makes me sad to see people to get new dolls just "for a new movie, or For a new stopmotion".

Jessie said...

Well, i agree with you sooo much aglovesjess or something (i forgot the name) when i visited your youtube channel (girloftheyearstudios) i found the link and of course, i read it!!!! it was a touching post for me to like marie said. i used to be like that way 2 to 3 months ago, where i did not touch my ags for a time. and you know what. my grandma and mom want me to stop buying ag stuff because they think that i will get too old for it. well guess what, like unodosinger said YOUR NEVER TOO OLD FOR AG i still dress up my dolls on the weekends (i dont have the time on the weekdays) and i also want the ag gutair, kanais lounge chair, and 2 ag bathingsuits. i also agree, that it is sad, i do play with my ags, i even for this thanksgiving movie that i made (i dont want to post it on youtube, not the best movie out there) i even acted it out without a carmera, practically PLAYING with my ags. people should know that you are never too old for ag dolls. that you can still take them out and play with them, and when you get older (about 32, whenever your kids are 10) you can pass them on to your kids and tell them to be careful but to have fun with them, thats what i am going to do.

Courtney said...

This makes me realize how much I have been caring about what others think about me collecting dolls. I don't say I play with them, although I do have a doll room for them that I use for my videos. I am just afraid to say I "play" with them. I always say I collect them and that's true, but making movies and series with my dolls is kind of like playing with them, but I don't realize it. I made this account in 2010, but if you remembered me on AGentertainers I joined in 2009 and I remember loving to make videos and I was so eager to just go onto YouTube and I didn't care about perfection. This made me shed some tears, but I want to thank you for bringing this up. It really made me change the way I think about my videos, and dolls. Thank you so much. <3 I will definately start caring more for my dolls and I won't be so afraid to share to my friends that I do kind of play with them when I'm filming. Thank you.(: <3

Courtney said...

Oh, and also.. I just remembered how unodosginger said that you're never too old for dolls and come to think of it, that's true! My grandma still collects dolls and she was just telling me about a doll that had her name that she wanted. I just don't know why I get so scared to let people know. I remember in the old days, it would just be like "Who cares if you have dolls?" Girls always play with dolls and its okay to do that! Well anyways, thanks again!

morganb said...

I definatly agree with this! I haven't touched my dolls forever, I want another one, but my mind is telling me not to waste my money on one because I never use them. I know it's not a waste of money, they were my life. and now they are sitting ina cold closet, with dust and I just through them in there. I aswell would like 2009 back!

Aly said...

I totally agree with you. Lately I haven't been as into dolls anymore. I think I'm gonna take them down from my closet and try a new hairstyle :) I think we should go back to what we all have in common: our love for dolls. At least here in the YT community there are so many nice girls and we don't have to be ashamed of loving our dolls :) Thank you Lexii, and I'll be sure to spread the word about this.

Love, Aly♥ (

Krystyna said...

Lexii, you are amazing. I remember 2009. I had Julie and Gwen at the time, and only them. I made americangirlmiagwen the month I had bought Gwen-with my own money, which went a long way because Gwen was so special, Julie too because she was my first. August 30th. I had the best time with my dolls when I was on YouTube, but ever since school started, I admit, I abandoned Julie, Gwen, Rebecca, Emily, Lily-Our Generation, Lanie, and Sillowett. 2009 was the best year so far. Thank you, Lexii, for making me remember why I love them so much, and why I wanted a YouTube-where I could talk about dolls, instead of being embarrassed at school, and where I could love them even more. Well at school, I don't care if people make fun of me, I love my dolls. Thank you!! I'll help spread the word, too :)

AGsistersclub said...

Wow Lexii this is so true. Your right, from now on videos of fun not just to get a subscribers and views <3

TheJLYStudios said...

You are so right! Omg, do I have a story for you. Well, before
I had this account (TheJLYStudios) I had an account called AmericanGirl6750. But you wanna know why I deleted it? Because I felt like an outsider playing with my dolls. And I kinda just gave up on them. I stacked up all their things, and put them on shelves. But then, one bright (I really don't know if it was bright or not, i'm just saying...) I was looking at my dolls on the shelf and I wanted to go watch some AG videos on youtube. So I did. I was really inspired by them, so I decided to make another AG youtube. And I really do think we should bring back those 2009 days. Because now a days, we all just think about OMG look at girloftheyearstudios and kittzykk and stephenswodadancer (I am huge fans of all 3 of them, btw) look at how popular they are!! Ugh, I only have like 150 subscribers, and they have thousands! Im just not cool!!! But no, just because they have lots of subscribers, doesn't mean you cant have lots of subscribers too! I say we bring back the good ole days of 2009!!(:

TheAmericanGirlway said...

I agree. I love my dolls. I am not even into movie and film directing or anything like that. I just like sharing my creativity with other ppl. That's why I joined youtube in the first place. :D

Lizzie said...

omg sooooo right i am soooooo shocked! i did this HOW STUPID AM I?? i am going to cahnge myself

truestarlightforever said...

Yes. Let's bring 2009 and Chrissa back. LOL! JK. Insperational, amazing, heart warming, made me cry when I read it. You...are...amazing. That's all I can say. Even though it's not a bad thing to be excited when getting a new camera, it should be about the dolls. It's about them, the things THEY can do. THEY should shine. This is what THEY do. Not us, or subscribers, or cameras. Them. Amazing Lexii. Amazing.

Trish said...

I love this♥ I started this January, but, I do remember searching American Girl Chrissa in the search box. Wow...

Daniela Aubrey said...

<3 :)

Daniela Aubrey said...

<3 :)

Daniela Aubrey said...

<3 :)

americangirlloverEMZ said...

I wasn't here in 2009. I didn't have dolls. I didn't have an acount. But I watched videos night and day. It was right after i moved to a new state and had no friends and everyone who made videos with their dolls made me feel better and happy. Then i got my first doll Eileen, then Felicity and recently Kanani but youtube has changed and the videos have changed. Lexi you are without a doubt 100 percent correct. The quality is better the meaning is lost. So yeah bring back 2009 just me know when to sign up.
~AmericangirlloverEMZ on youtube :)

LiveAndBreatheAG said...

Well, I can not say how old I am, but I will say that I am younger than 13, so I suppose I still know what it feels like to love dolls. I still do play with them, and I love them. I talk to them, and if I ever knock them over or step on them (Ouch!) I always apologize to them and give them a hug. I just made my account a little over a month ago, but I would choose my dolls over YouTube in a heartbeat. I would smash my computer and camera on the ground if it meant that I could keep my dolls. I would burn all of my doll outfits and furniture and leave my dolls stark naked, as long as I could keep them.
I think AGTube would be a better place if everybody could honestly say the same thing (other than the age part, they could be older than me) about their dolls and being able to give up their accounts.

VALBOOKS44 BLOG!! said...

Hi, it's 2012.
Things are not like this. I'm not famous on AGTube, of anything like that. I am like, get me to 100 subs?? What camera do you use?
I hate that about me. I always want more!
I should just be thankful. And reading this, makes me feel sad, and selfish, guilty, greedy, all of that stuff!
I know you don't care for your dolls anymore AGlovejess, but I'll still spread the word, and see what happens.
~Valerie, aka, valbooks44~