Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thanks and more adventures!

A still from our MV "Silver Lining" :)

Wow, okay. I really have so much to say that I can hardly say anything.

First off, the post below, could I possibly thank you anymore for the AMAZING comments you all left?!?!?
Really, reading all of those comments just... made my whole world.

Second, I'll admit, I was afraid to post on here. I was afraid that the next post I did would drag the attention away from 2009, like it meant nothing. But it means everything to me!

Third, guess who just finished making a music video? :)
I spent a couple days on it. It's not *that* great, I'm not even skilled in making MV's. But I enjoyed coming up with the storyline for it! If you want to watch it, just visit my Youtube channel and you will see it :)

Fourth, aaah! I'm kind of overwhelmed. I know I haven't posted in a month (very rude of me, I'll say), but I have been doing a LOT with my dolls! :)

I'll be sure to keep them posting!
Don't worry, the dolls love to post. ;)

Hopefully they'll post more than I do. Cause you know me, boring old Lexii.

Haha, well, look forward to many adventure posts this spring! ^.^


1 comment:

Charlotte said...

That picture is so cute!
{and no worries, I barely ever post on my blog :P My life is extremement busy at the moment!}