Sunday, March 27, 2011

A boring sunday can always lead to jollification and good food.

Hello, all! It is Jess, with you today!

We all know Sundays. Hmm... ehh. I'm not too fond of them. Why? Well, what is there to do on a Sunday? You know how it goes. You wake up late from sleeping in, (or go to church early... if you go to church), then you eat, then you sit in your pajamas. You either go on the internet or watch tv. And the whole day feels unaccomplished. Then at night you do some homework, take a shower, read, or go to bed. Sunday is a lazy day in my world.

Today I woke up at 2:30 in the afternoon. (Exhibit A: lazy) I sat in my room while Ruthie and Gwen played dolls. Samantha was out for brunch, and Jordin... well... who knows. Lanie wasn't here, so I truly had nothing to do. I started missing summer, and the days where Sunday was like a Friday, or any other day. Summer is so calm and relaxing to me, it's a feeling like no other. I mourn for summer, but the more I mourn, I have to stop. What if summer comes too quick? What if summer is over too quick? The reason is, after summer's over, Lexii will be older. After summer's over... it's just another year closer to Lexii leaving us...

Anywho, lets get positive, shall we? So I got in a nice dress and cardigan, did my hair, and took a hike. (Hehe, literally!) My favorite place to hike is our town's trails. So I went, all by myself, and enjoyed the nature.

From a rather unclear distance, I could see a little picnic-like setup.

I walked over to it, as it was pretty abandoned. All there was, was a plate with nothing on it, a plate with a sandwich and a glass, lemonade, a book, and a placemat. Interesting... So I sat down.
I drank some of the lemonade. Why not? It was good, and, fresh :)
It was pretty nice, just sitting there. It felt so much like summer, and all I could hear was the wind, and all I could smell was nature... and... smoke.

Smoke? Why would there be smoke in the middle of the trails in high elevation like this? And all of a sudden, the bushes were moving, the smoke appeared in front of me instantly, and, and...

... why, it was Lanie! Lanie. Wha... what is Lanie doing here?

"Lanie! You scared me! What on earth are you...?"
"Haha! Oh, Jess! I'm here for the trail barbecue. Samantha told me to come after I went to brunch with her, and she said she told all of you where the barbecue would be! Anyways, I'm just getting my stuff that I left... You know, ... the stuff your sitting on?"
"Oh" I sighed.

Lanie looked as if she was going to say something to me, but just stood there. Then finally she says, "Well?"
"Well what?" I was so confused.
"Welllll, come on silly! There's food!"

I feel so dumb sometimes, you know? I followed Lanie to the barbecue where there was all kinda of food! Such as: steak, corn, carrots, vegetables, rice, lemonade, sandwhiches, and more! Lanie and I decided to sit on the bench.

This is what I love about my small little town. ^_^
"A boring sunday can always lead to jollification... and good food!" said Lanie.

A photographer was also there taking pictures of all the girls with their friends and all the delicious food. She decided to capture a photo of me and Lanie.

I'm glad I got out of the house today. I'm glad I dressed up, went hiking, and accidently found out about this barbecue which I actually was suppose to know about.

It may not be summer, but you can always live like it.

-Jess A. McConnell 


agbutterfly46 said...

This is so adorable! It was very cute, and I had a great time reading it! Jess is so beautiful! And the first picture is amazing. It's like she's in a rainforest! An the vibrant colors of the dress really go well with the green plants. =)


Charlotte said...

Goodness jess! You are so cute, and the pictures are so pretty! I loved the story so much! You and Lanie are so pretty :)