Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Break and where did everyone go?

Hello, all! It's Gwen here today. It's Friday and this past week has been the lovely spring break! I got to lay out by the pool, go swimming, hang out with friends, and have bonfires! It feels just like summer :( (Sad face because summer isn't here yet)

Aaah, summer. I really, really want to visit the AGP in the summer. I've been kinda hoping for new clothes, or perhaps, a sister! :O However, there are so many beautiful dolls these days, we'd never know which one to get! But I have a good eye :)

Also, just curious, where did everyone go? I come on blogger everyday now to read blog posts, but hardly anyone is posting! Oh well. I hope no one is fading from their dolls... Although, it happens often.. But I'm sure people are just busy! Anywho, I just wanted to bring back the spring-y, summer, fun, American Girl Doll vibe back today! :) We could all use some nice pictures and small talk about summer, right? :)

Well, I'm going to go have lunch now! Jess is making macaroni ^_^ Mmm!


p.s. Doesn't Jordin look gorgeous? She HAS to be a model! :) Well, she sorta already is in our house ^_^ Please leave your feedback! Come on guys, don't give up on your dolls just yet :)


Paige-americangirl:) said...

ya, ive noticed that ppl arent posting as often too. maybe its because lots of people went away for spring break and dont have that much time to post this week. but im not grown out of my dolls yet! :)

Julie said...

I've realise ppl aren't posting as well, well, I guess I wasn't but I came back. A lot of the blogs are dissapearing.... hopefully they'll all come back...

~Julie~ <3

Charlotte said...

Jordin is so sweet :)
I agree with you on the not posting thing. C'est triste :(
Yes, I can't WAIT for summer! It's going to be so fun! I might go to the states this summer to visit my aunt, and she lives in ny state, sooo.....
Maybe NYC? That would be awesome! I could go to AGP, AND see a Care Bears On Fire concert!
Anyway, I love the picture you have as your header :)

Savvy Sav said...


I know- people don't post often anymore. I do though!

♥Call me Tori♥ said...

Awesome Blog!(: Ilyy<3 and my dolls(: